Just want to THANK all 7 people/supporters @ The Bitter End…

Just want to THANK all 7 people who came out to support my debut show at The Bitter End, New York, Monday, Jan 29th… I’ve spent well over $900.00 to produce it. Happy to report that we’ve been paid whopping $35.00 back (from door ticket sales).

On a bright side, we’ve played and sounded absolutely phenomenal! I mean it was ‘DA SHOW! Really happy how all band members played that night… I only wish you, guys, would pay any attention to it. Any REAL! support would definitely help… Anyway, enjoy free concert pics (which you didn’t pay for) 👎 All pics by Emily Zaboski:





And one more pic: after the gig, speaking to John Patitucci (who was performing with Oz Noy, right after our set):


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