What a “strange” bass guitar this bass is… I’ve never planned to play and use this Fender Bass V exclusively, but here we are: this instrument has only one sound, but it feels and plays great! It is a superbly comfortable and well-defined instrument to hold and play… The beauty that was crafted back in October of 1967. I’m very grateful and privileged (to be able to use this instrument). Here is the link to prove it: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=745977994164584&ref=sharing

I got this origami last year as a gift for Thanksgiving from a little boy, my student at that time, who called these two birds Love and Hope… These two words that make this old planet – our home – go around and around… I wish you all, my good people, a happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and appreciate what you already have 🙏🎶

Oh, Jaco, dear Jaco, who loves you, Jaco??

🇨🇦 We had a fantastic time performing in charming Montréal, QC on February 5-6th at two wonderful places: L’Escalier Montréal and Bistro le Ste-Cath. We’ve performed for many old good friends and made many new friends as well. Also, I am very lucky to play together with these amazing musicians: Brad Whiteley on piano/keys and Gintas Janusonis on drums. We hope to come back again soon 🇨🇦

Just want to THANK all 7 people who came out to support my debut show at The Bitter End, New York, Monday, Jan 29th… I’ve spent well over $900.00 to produce it. Happy to report that we’ve been paid whopping $35.00 back (from door ticket sales).

On a bright side, we’ve played and sounded absolutely phenomenal! I mean it was ‘DA SHOW! Really happy how all band members played that night… I only wish you, guys, would pay any attention to it. Any REAL! support would definitely help… Anyway, enjoy free concert pics (which you didn’t pay for) 👎 All pics by Emily Zaboski:





And one more pic: after the gig, speaking to John Patitucci (who was performing with Oz Noy, right after our set):