Gene Pritsker's Sound Liberation @ Connolly's / W 45th St, New York, NY

Friday @ 10:00 PM

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Connolly's, New York, New York

Sound Liberation takes the stage of Midtown Connolly’s Club to perform an eclectic set of music and celebrate Gene Pritsker’s Birthday. The premiere of ‘Purcell Remix’ featuring contra alto Marie-Claire Giraud, ‘Russia Old & New’ featuring cellist Borislav Strulev and ‘We @ The Da Party’ as well as performances of older Sound Lib. tunes such as ‘Breath’ and ’High Hopes’. Other compositions of Gene’s include ‘Less Sentient’, ‘Signify’ based on Mozart and featuring Petro Krysa on violin, and ‘Sertsa Tayet’ featuring Gene’s son Sebastian Pritsker.


Gene Pritsker – composer/guitar/rap, Charles Coleman, Marie-Claire Giraud, Paul Mack, Sebastian Pritsker – vocals, Franz Hackl – trumpet, Borislav Strulev – cello, Petro Krysa – violin, Greg Baker – guitar, gene-pritsker_02-03-18Arthur Sadowsky – bass, Max Pollak- drums.