Gene Pritsker & Sound Liberation live @ Spectrum, Brooklyn, New York

Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

12:24 AM on Wednesday June 21 is the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere. We will approach it respectfully (yet with amplitude) from Tuesday (20 June) evening with psychedelic music by Gene Pritsker's Sound Liberation ('Psychedelic-Eclectic’), Hans Tammen's The Third Eye Electric Band, Gabe Zucker, et al. as well as other festive components.

We shall sing in the Summer Solstice with an audience-sing-along version of the 5th Dimension's "Let The Sunshine In." "Scores" will be distributed to the willing, and we will probably rehearse for 5 minutes or so before brining in the band.

Further details to follow.

$10 Admission / Beverages by donation

Gig Details

$10 Admission / Beverages by donation

Venue Details

Spectrum, Brooklyn 11205