🔥 Guitar Cables 🔥

🎸 As you know, I am a discriminated musician myself, who is never happy with all these cheap Chinese made, low-quality guitar cables.

🎸 I’m now offering our High-Quality Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, and Instrumental Cables – all 100% hand-made here in New York, NY!

🎸 We use 4% Silver Solder (see picture) to solder the joints and to make high-quality connections. Our cables do sound better! Everything is 100% electronically tested before being shipped to you.

🎸 Any custom length cable could be made to your order (for a little extra). The standard 10′ (ten feet) long cable is $19.95 + the shipping. Please, contact us at arthursadowsky@gmail.com

🎸 Support your local musicians! Don’t support the economy in China!